Did you know that the bulbs could last almost a century? So why do we need to replace them with new ones at a much higher frequency? How is it that nylon stockings, a product manufactured with a highly resistant material, break so easily? How often you change your «old» phone for a new model? How many hi-tech products have you acquired in recent years?

As the slogan, in Spain, of one of the stars of the current phone market put it, everything changes back again. Behind this philosophy that is committed to constant innovation, is a society whose consumption is becoming unlimited on the basis of their growth. A socioeconomic model, backed by big brands, engineers, manufacturers and consumers themselves, which encourages us to invest our resources into goods that will be obsolete and replaceable within three months. How is it possible that given the technological means available to us, fewer appliances last?

All these issues are reflected in a direct and simple «Buy, Throw, Buy”, a message delivered by Spain’s television channel TVE documentary that exposes the hidden reality of the planned obsolescence. Objects designed to die before they shouldn’t stop working. This concept is creating a stir on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Basico Homes invite you to reflect on these issues, because after all, when making an investment, buying an apartment or house in Spain has always been and will remain a safe long-term bet 🙂

Author : Robert Evans

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(obligatorio y real)

(obligatorio y real)

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