Hello again from Basico Homes UK.

Since the 2nd of November I have been flat out adjusting to the new challenge of bringing the Basico Homes message to an English Speaking audience. Many lucky Spanish Property buyers already have experienced at first hand the Basico Way.

Literally thousands of prospective property buyers have been attended to by our growing sales team (30 and rising) in one event alone in October, SIMA Otoño, we attended to well over 1000 prospective buyers. Who over 3 days sat down, in front of a Basico Homes professional, to discuss the Spanish Property Market and review our offering of New Build Spanish Houses and Apartments that we sell Directly on behalf the Spanish Banks, Cajas and Mortgage Companies.

BIG DEAL… I hear you mumble… and fair enough the press is full of foreclosure stories and repossessed property deals… What sets us out from the herd? In my opinion it is simple.

All of my co workers in Basico were made redundant by some of Spain’s biggest House Builders and Developers. This includes our Managing Director Rafael Valderrábano.

Basico Homes started in Spain’s, if not the World’s biggest Property Crisis! Started by people cast aside by their struggling employers, Life was very simple and the choices Basic (Basico in Spanish):

A) Submit to being thrown on the scrap heap.
B) Use your decades of knowledge and skill and Fight back.

Obviously my fellow Basicos (as we refer to ourselves) chose to fight back. June 2008 the first steps were taken and it has been a great success with hundreds of property sold to happy willing Spanish property buyers. Our clients are happy too as we deliver results they want. We don’t moan about market conditions, we adapt, change and move.

Oh yes, why are we different… I almost forgot… in my slightly biased opinion we Basicos have been in a corner facing unemployment. We understand how tough it is out there and when making a decision on an important matter like buying a Spanish Property you want to feel you have people you can rely on, to advise and assist in that decision, real people like you!

As a new Basico I see at firsthand how my fellow Basicos value and care not only for our Bank clients but for you, our Spanish Property Buyers, Experience counts! Talk to us, we want to hear from you.

Author : Robert Evans

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(obligatorio y real)

(obligatorio y real)

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