Do you dream about owning Your own Home in Spain only to worry about how that Dream might turn into a Nightmare?

-Worried about the Title Deeds being in order?

-Worried about whether the dream home has planning permission?

-Worried about the developer going Bankrupt and the property never being finished or worse still losing all your hard earned savings?

These fears are completely justified and rational after all the hard work to build up your savings to buy a Home in Spain you certainly don’t want to become a victim of an ill funded developer and an unscrupulous salesman,, you only have to read the papers to see those whose dreams have turned to nightmares as they struggle to get their money back and live with the consequences of a dream turned to a nightmare! After all these are people like you and me. People wanting to enjoy a new lifestyle in the sun. Basically they trusted the wrong people and have paid dearly

So what is the solution to this dilemma and how to find it?

One option is to keep the money in the bank and forget the dream. Certainly a clear and precise solution but one that is never going to lead to living the dream either..

So have the dream without the potential for the nightmare well we at Basico Homes see it as simple transparency.

As one of Spain’s fastest growing and leading experts in Direct Bank Sales our clients are all major Spanish Banks and Cajas   (A Caja is a Spanish Savings Bank) we only sell for the Banks and that benefits you in a number of ways

Remember the worries, Title Deeds, Planning Permission, Getting what you paid for and being able to enjoy it.

Well I am sure you know if you have tried to borrow money from a bank secured against a property you know what I mean. The Bank wants your solicitor to tell all about the property, and that includes: Clear Title Deeds, Planning Permission and any aspects that would prevent the bank getting its money back should the loan default

Well that is what happens in Spain too, so when a property is repossessed by a Bank or Caja you know that the lending institution has done extensive due diligence before lending its money to the developer. It is that due diligence by the Bank or Caja that as a Spanish Property Buyer you can rely on when you buy a property Direct from a Spanish Bank via Basico Homes..

Last year we sold 592 properties to Spanish Home Owners people like you and me. Now we are offering this opportunity to you so if you have any questions about buying in Spain Direct from a bank get in touch with me Robert Evans and live the dream not the nightmare!

I Hope to Meet You in Person at A Place in the Sun Live at the N.E.C. Birmingham Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October Please click here FOR FREE E-Tickets


Author : Robert Evans

Telephone : + (44) (0)7970 263 288

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