Any Carpenter will tell you the maxim”measure twice cut once”. When you think about it’s obvious. Yet time and time again I do little DIY jobs that i don’t measure as I know best.

Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not!

So what does this have to do with you and buying a property in Spain well the same is true that any information you can gather about buying an apartment or house in Spain will create the foundations you need to make the transition from fantasy about your Spanish Property to action to reality.

Like building a house no matter what you build above the ground the house will only stay up if the foundations are good so Get Informed

Tools For You To Use To Get Informed

I recently had the opportunity to serve on the panel of experts at A Place in the Sun Live at the NEC Birmingham.


The experience was invaluable an opportunity to hear the fears and questions of you the British Public looking to buy a property in Spain. What was even better was “Our Man in Spain” or at least at the Consul in Malaga congratulating Basico Homes on following the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) initiative of “Know Before You Go” details of which are above.

I recommend that you have a good read of the FCO and links to HMRC for tax advice.

The best choices are informed choices that does not mean to take the excitement out of finding your dream home in Spain , what it does  mean that if you follow this easy and simple advice many of the questions you need to ask are answered before you get on the plane to Spain

I have a lovely home in Southern Spain which has enhanced my life by learning a language, meeting many new friends and experiencing a new way of life. If, when you have read the FCO and BBc’s advice, you have more questions and specifically about buying a repossessed property direct from a Spanish Bank or Caja then please contact me and I will be delighted to help.. Happy Spanish Home Hunting

Author : Robert Evans

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(obligatorio y real)

(obligatorio y real)

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