The saying goes that “when the man who has the experience meets the man who has the money – the man with the experience gets the money and the man with the money gets the experience”

There are sadly a large number of people like you and me who have had their dreams shattered by trusting the wrong people. I am a happy owner of a property in southern Spain and in my daily business life dealing with Spanish Banks I do not come across unethical or scurrilous people, so I am one of the lucky ones.

This is not to say that outside my circle of contacts all people linked to real estate in Spain are crooks, patiently waiting to fleece “the foreigners”

Literally millions of Brits enjoy the love affair with Spain and in turn Spain returns that love through hot days, walks on the beach, friendly bars and fond lasting memories of times spent with friends and loved ones.

What is important to recognise that whether you are buying in Blackpool or Barcelona a certain amount of due diligence is called for to avoid the misfortune of some buyers have encountered.

A dream turned nightmare is not what you want or deserve.

So How to avoid being a victim? As simple as it may sound get good independent advice. I recently sat on an expert panel at Channel 4’s “A Place in the Sun Live” at the National Exhibition Centre Birmingham and sat at the table was Her Majesty’s representative from the British Consul in Malaga one of the busiest consuls in Spain. The Consul’s representative was there to ensure that any British buyers in Spain avoid pitfalls when buying and get independent advice was a theme that we both endorsed.

In Fact during a panel session “Our man in Spain” congratulated Basico on our initiative to include the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices website links to our site, here it is for your perusal:

The best independent advice is to find an English speaking lawyer that is independent of the party selling the properties, especially in the case of a developer


More advice on that here:

I feel that if you follow your own good judgement and the common sense approach advocated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on buying in Spain you should get a great property at a great price and enjoy all that the sun and sensual pleasures of Spain has to offer. Happy Hunting

Author : Robert Evans






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(obligatorio y real)

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