Will the Euro zone collapse, the Greek Debt, these problems were not the main focus for British buyers at last weekend’s A Place in the Sun Live.

Temperatures soared over Britain so you would think the best Place in the Sun would be the garden. Happily for us at Basico Homes pre ticket sales were at 10,000 UP a 100% from the 5,000 ESTIMATE!!

50% more Britsh Buyers registered with us than in the event in London in March. They were looking for Spanish repossessed property at all levels from €60,000 to €400,000.

We have 19 buyers making appointments to view in October alone!

Spanish Panel of Experts I was delighted to be invited to sit on the Panel of experts that convened at 12:00 noon each day to field questions with A Place in the Sun Editor Liz Rawlinson as Chair. We shared the panel with a Specialist Lawyer and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) representative in the Consulate in Malaga, Stephen Jones.


Stephen was delighted to see that Basico were promoting the FCO website

I had a real sense of achievement when Stephen publically congratulated Basico Homes on having taken this initiative as part of our own “Know Before You Go” campaign as the FCO call their advice on “Going to Live Abroad” www.fco.gov.uk we will publish more on this in future blogs along with the Questions and Answers from the sessions.

Confidence has returned? If the visitor numbers and the Spanish Property Buyers registering with us are a guide! There is no question that there is a lot to choose from but when we explained that we work for some of Spain’s major Banks and Cajas selling their new build repossessed apartments and houses. Our potential Spanish property buyers wanted to know more.

Fear of Losing Your Money –seemed the biggest concern and who could blame these questions as we hear so many stories about No Planning Permission and developers going Bust!

Banks want to know everything – You will know this if you have ever had a mortgage from a Bank or borrowed to build a property, the Bank will want you and your solicitor to provide all the documentation regarding , Planning Permission, Building Regulations Certificates and of course Title Deeds . If you can’t provide these you don’t get the money it is that simple. Well that is precisely the same in Spain, long before these apartments and houses have been repossessed or even built the Bank would have examined all these necessary documents and lent the money to the developer.

So What! Well when you buy direct from a Bank a repossessed Apartment or House the Title Deeds, Planning Permission and Building Permits will have been checked and more importantly available for your independent solicitor to check for you, that way you buy what you think you are buying and not a headache!

So thank you to those that attended A place in the Sun Live and especially those who spent time to visit us! Happy property Hunting

Author : Robert Evans


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