Well two out of three anyway – those being a new day and a new job. Spain, specifically Madrid I have visited many times, my first visit to Spain was at 5 years old to Marbella forty years ago.

Like that 5 year old I am excited to be sitting in Basico Homes new office next to Madrid Airport , telling you about my joining the Basico team charged with carrying the Basico message to U.K. and Ireland.

My task – simple – to share with English speaking property buyers (mother tongue or second language – no matter) what savvy Spanish property buyers are quickly learning. How to Buy Property in Spain the Basico Homes Way!

Basico sells new build flats and houses in every City and region of Spain.

Basico Homes, works directly for Banks , Cajas ( no easy translation but a savings banks seems to be closest- so far) and Mortgage companies who have repossessed entire new build developments from developers and want to sell them ,often with a mortgage attached. More on this later.

I have looked at the properties on offer and know Basico is offering «Location, Location,Location» in addition – I feel » Value, Value,Value» and in a sector that is increasingly value driven, my opinion is Basico Homes delivers!

I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in buying property in Spain or has an opinion on the Spanish property market they want to share via our blog at blog.basicohomes.com or on twitter.com/basicohomes


Author : Robert Evans

Image: Trodel

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(obligatorio y real)

(obligatorio y real)

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