My suggestion is the answer is as broad as the Spanish property market itself.

Factors such as location certainly figure, as City and Coastal Properties will produce different forecasts and within those categories quality of location, style, design and of course the standard of the build will determine the outcome.

I feel that any value driven buyer should not ignore these fundamentals and be blinded by price alone.

Value means not just a price per square meter. A decision to buy Property in Spain that seems confusing today will seem obvious in 3 to 5 years time.

My Advice is look hard, check out the options and don’t always go with the cheapest property look for quality as better quality properties will sell first and do best in the long run.

Stating the obvious? Location, Location, Location, Always! Timing, Timing, Timing, Definitely! But ignore Fundamentals at your peril.

Add to this the current availability of Spanish Mortgages on Bank Sale New Build Spanish Property and there has probably never been a better time to consider buying a home in Spain. A Home is Spain that will hopefully be an asset that will deliver years of use, enhancing the owners and their families’ lives.

Guess what! You may even make some money too!

Author : Robert Evans
BasicoHomes UK

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(obligatorio y real)

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