It is not all bad news for the Spanish Property Market, clearly reflected in a chart published by A Place in the Sun in showing Spain is still Britain’s No 1 choice for 2011. Voted No1 by the same survey in 2010 Spain is still the most popular destination for British when buying abroad.

After all, as they say in A Place in the Sun, Spain has all the ingredients to be a perfect choice: excellent access from the UK, the sun, sea, culture and infrastructure. Foreclosed, repossessed properties on the market offering great value, Mainland Costas, Balearic and Canary Islands still have some good deals for the diligent buyer.

The deep discounts on summer homes mean that there are a multitude of destinations and property for you to chose that Place in the Sun in 2011 . If you want to know more about our Direct Bank Repossessions contact me via

Author : Robert Evans

I am going to leave Statistics to the Statisticians and concentrate on what the statistics don´t tell you about the Spanish Property Market for 2011.

To be reading this you must have at least a passing interest in Spain and Spanish property. Why wouldn’t you, it is a beautiful country steeped in history, art and culture. The food is great and the people are warm and hospitable. You can find it all. The country has everything from large cosmopolitan cites to sandy beaches and high mountain ski resorts.

Yes, I am a Fan! I am going to look at whether to buy a property in Spain from the perspective of a British property buyer, basically because I am one myself.

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My suggestion is the answer is as broad as the Spanish property market itself.

Factors such as location certainly figure, as City and Coastal Properties will produce different forecasts and within those categories quality of location, style, design and of course the standard of the build will determine the outcome.

I feel that any value driven buyer should not ignore these fundamentals and be blinded by price alone.

Value means not just a price per square meter. A decision to buy Property in Spain that seems confusing today will seem obvious in 3 to 5 years time.

My Advice is look hard, check out the options and don’t always go with the cheapest property look for quality as better quality properties will sell first and do best in the long run.

Stating the obvious? Location, Location, Location, Always! Timing, Timing, Timing, Definitely! But ignore Fundamentals at your peril.

Add to this the current availability of Spanish Mortgages on Bank Sale New Build Spanish Property and there has probably never been a better time to consider buying a home in Spain. A Home is Spain that will hopefully be an asset that will deliver years of use, enhancing the owners and their families’ lives.

Guess what! You may even make some money too!

Author : Robert Evans
BasicoHomes UK

Last week, November 11th, we were invited by the team of to an interesting meeting of property professionals, journalists and bloggers to discuss Spanish real estate and share our vision of what we hope 2011 will bring in the Spanish Housing Market.

Please find listed below the links to those who have written about this meeting, because we believe what they say may be of interest. (These articles are In Spanish but I recommend using the Google Language Tool which will give you the general idea).
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Hello again from Basico Homes UK.

Since the 2nd of November I have been flat out adjusting to the new challenge of bringing the Basico Homes message to an English Speaking audience. Many lucky Spanish Property buyers already have experienced at first hand the Basico Way.

Literally thousands of prospective property buyers have been attended to by our growing sales team (30 and rising) in one event alone in October, SIMA Otoño, we attended to well over 1000 prospective buyers. Who over 3 days sat down, in front of a Basico Homes professional, to discuss the Spanish Property Market and review our offering of New Build Spanish Houses and Apartments that we sell Directly on behalf the Spanish Banks, Cajas and Mortgage Companies.
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Well two out of three anyway – those being a new day and a new job. Spain, specifically Madrid I have visited many times, my first visit to Spain was at 5 years old to Marbella forty years ago.

Like that 5 year old I am excited to be sitting in Basico Homes new office next to Madrid Airport , telling you about my joining the Basico team charged with carrying the Basico message to U.K. and Ireland.

My task – simple – to share with English speaking property buyers (mother tongue or second language – no matter) what savvy Spanish property buyers are quickly learning. How to Buy Property in Spain the Basico Homes Way!

Basico sells new build flats and houses in every City and region of Spain.

Basico Homes, works directly for Banks , Cajas ( no easy translation but a savings banks seems to be closest- so far) and Mortgage companies who have repossessed entire new build developments from developers and want to sell them ,often with a mortgage attached. More on this later.

I have looked at the properties on offer and know Basico is offering «Location, Location,Location» in addition – I feel » Value, Value,Value» and in a sector that is increasingly value driven, my opinion is Basico Homes delivers!

I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in buying property in Spain or has an opinion on the Spanish property market they want to share via our blog at or on


Author : Robert Evans

Image: Trodel

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